Barrie Papworths Capri's.

Model: Capri 280 "Brooklands"

Colour: Brooklands Green

Year: Built Dec 1986 first registered Apr 1987. Build number 136.

Engine Size: 2.8 Litre.

Barrie has fitted a wood effect dashboard and full inner wheel arch shields to the front wings.


Model: Capri Laser

Colour: Red

Year: No information as yet.

Engine Size: 2.0 Litre.


Model: Laser

Colour: Lacquer Red.

Year: Built March 1986 first registered Aug 1986

Engine Size: 1.6 Litre.

Barrie changed the rear springs shortly after purchase and had the steering wheel and gear knob re-trimmed in the original grey leather. He has also fitted electronic ignition and a wood effect dashboard.